R – Patisserie
Inside the luxurious Rampoldi New York, R-Patisserie embodies the elegant style of the iconic
Monte-Carlo restaurant. Conceived as a pastry shop and café, it expresses all the New-
Monegasque cuisine even in the ending moment of the meal: the dessert. French and Italian
influences intertwine both in the techniques and in the taste. Patisserie and Pasticceria,
refinement and practicality blend and create a Rampoldi-style sweet option, thanks to the care of
the Executive Chef and Partner Antonio Salvatore. European traditions and American modernity
give birth to a splendid café: you can peacefully have coffee or a drink, accompanied by sugary
delicacies. It is also possible to purchase baked goods to-go, in order to taste the fantastic
sweetness of Rampoldi right at home.