Rampoldi opens its gates in New York! The beloved restaurant has arrived in the Big Apple, bringing the fresh marine breeze of Monte-Carlo to the hectic and never-stopping city. If you are a Rampoldi aficionado, be prepared to enter into a parallel dimension where you’ll perceive the blue skies of the Côte d’Azur and the elegant and antique atmosphere that depict Mediterranean Europe.

The menu stays unchanged in order to enjoy every bite of Antonio Salvatore’s precious cooker: a blend of French and Italian flavors perfectly balanced and harmonized. So be ready to taste Chef’s Specialty Truffle Pizza, Paccheri I.G.P. alla Siciliana and the all-time favorite dessert of Rampoldi: Profiteroles.
The glamorous interior mirrors the forefather restaurant in Monaco: however, several elements differentiate to add a unique touch and to match the style of the ever-moving city. Artist Domingo Zapata, known between celebrities for its artworks, has painted three Mona Lisas for the Baroque and adorned walls of Rampoldi New York.