Atlantic Grill Restaurant, New York – Lincoln Square’s mainstay Atlantic Grill will be reborn in late 2021, with MCHG serving as new management, having taken over from Landry’s Group. Space will be redesigned and the menu updated, under Chef Antonio’s guidance, to bring the depths of the big blue sea to 65th Street by celebrating the best of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Atlantic Grill Restaurant, New York

MCHG has taken over the historic Landry’s Group Atlantic Grill on 65th Street in New York. Under the new management, we have redesigned the restaurant’s look with a creative interpretation bringing together the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Our guests will be welcomed by fresh fish on display and an aquarium to keep shellfish fresh before being served at the table a little later. The menu and flavors of the Atlantic Grill restaurant are designed on an urbanized concept of fine dining, under the hallmark of the MCHG, with a blaze of top-quality fish which meets with various blended influences. Inside the restaurant, you can find a raw fish bar that gives full expression to all manner of raw fish and celebrates its freshness with rich plateaux of seafood and shellfish.

Just as its name suggests, the dishes on offer include succulent grilled fish and doors wide open to fusion blending with proposals of delicious rolled fish, carpaccio, and sashimi of the best fish in circulation. Atlantic Grill becomes a way of interpreting every fish nuance, from the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean to the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean.