Cook4You – Guests in New York who prefers to enjoy Casa Limone at home will be able to order delivery or take out through MCHG’s proprietary Cook4You platform. In addition to ordering from the Casa Limone menu, diners will have the option to customize their dinner and create their own dishes, based on ingredient availability, to be cooked by the Casa Limone team. Cook4You is akin to having a private chef on demand, using the flavors and techniques of Italy and the Mediterranean.


MCHG – Monte Carlo Hospitality Group is the icon of Mediterranean luxury and flavor but is also pure innovation in the field of food while never putting quality in second place. Cook4You, the first delivery app to be born that allows you to assemble your own dish according to the full decision-making power of your own taste buds, choosing from the basic recipes on offer.

We can be the first food establishment not to forego flavor; we can be your shopping goods, ordering dishes that you will savor over the week when you have no time to think about cooking; we can be a special dinner that can’t go wrong and must be cooked with masterful skill… We can be all this, but more simply we are: your favorite meal, whenever and wherever you want it.

MCHG chefs cook for you in our kitchens and the food will be delivered directly to you. Local farms and USA products will be grown to find their way into your dishes, following the teachings of the chefs who will cook for you through master classes conceived by the starred chef Antonio Salvatore and in as many tasty proposals that you may personalize.

Cook4You is the new frontier in quality food delivery. What do you say? Want to try it?

Coming soon